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Walking Talking Captivate Encyclopedia

Rod has been using Captivate since it was called RoboDemo. He has helped thousands find solutions to their Captivate issues. No one has a better understanding on Captivate's strengths, limitations and quirks.

Extensive Professional Experience

Rod has also personally built effective courses for clients of all sizes across a wide range of industries. He holds Adobe Community Professional status on the Captivate forum and has written several books about Captivate.

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The Captivate Hacker

Tristan has made a career out of writing code that makes Captivate beg for mercy. He's created dozens of widgets and is the head developer of the most powerful Captivate extension ever - CpExtra.

JavaScript Programmer

Tristan's programming experience is not limited to Captivate. He in comfortable with a wide variety of modern Javascript technologies such as Node, Gulp and Ramda.

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The top-ranking Captivate add-on

Prevent playbar scrubbing

Like the playbar, but not so mad about how it lets learners jump to random points in your course? CpExtra can disable playbar scrubbing.

Minimize your Advanced Actions

Frustrated you have to create an Advanced Action just to hide two objects? CpExtra allows you to run actions on multiple objects without defining an Advanced Action. Speed up your workflow. Become an Advanced Action minimalist.

Work with Numbers

Did you divide 7 by 3 and get 2.33333333333? CpExtra can round numbers up, round numbers down, or generate random numbers!

Share Information Between Modules

Set a variable in module 1 and read its value in module 2. Keep track of the leaner's name, language and job role.

Partial Scoring

Is the answer only half correct? Give them half the score. Simple as that.

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