About CpExtra


The most powerful widget ever created for Adobe Captivate.

It's more Captivate

CpExtra is the most powerful Captivate Widget ever created. It enhances Captivate’s HTML5 export with a long list of new features which work seamlessly with Advanced Actions. Whether you’re looking to push the envelope of what Captivate can do, trying to make your ‘rapid development’ a little more ‘rapid’, or you’re just trying to fix little quirks in the way Captivate behaves, CpExtra is the widget for you!

Extra Powerful

Course Communication

Want to know which course modules the learner has already viewed? Want to know if they passed the quiz in module three? Now you can do all that and more with local storage variables. Make your Captivate projects work together.

Event Listeners

Need something fancier than a click box? Want to detect rollover, rollout, mouse down, mouse up, entering/exiting the timeline, as well as when video and audio clips end? Event listeners open up a whole new world of what’s possible in Captivate.

Chained Advanced Actions

Do you find yourself copying an pasting Advanced Action logic all the time? Do it no longer. CpExtra allows you to call an Advanced Action from another Advanced Action, saving you time and allowing you to organize your logic.

Extra Quick


Don’t waste time creating Advanced Actions just to hide and show objects. CpExtra can use @syntax queries to hide, enable, disable, and change the state of multiple objects in a single action!

Enhanced Object States

Slash the amount of time it takes to create interactions, by writing logic directly into the name of a state. You can make a state appear when a variable is equal to, greater than, lesser than, or not equal to a certain value. You can also make states appear when rolling over or pressing down on the object.

Underscored Variable Names

All CpExtra’s command variables can be written with an underscore in front of their name to make them sort to the top of the variable’s list. Don’t scroll to find the variables you use every five minutes.

Extra Neat

Prevent Playbar Scrubbing

Don’t want the learner to scrub through your course skipping over all that content and messing up your carefully planned interactions? With CpExtra you need not fear the playbar anymore.

Mark Slides as Complete

Created a wicked branching course, but the TOC won’t tick all those slides you didn’t visit? CpExtra allows you to mark slides as complete without having to visit them.

Multichoice Rollover Highlight

Does that icky gray highlight you get when rolling over an answer for a Multichoice or True/False question clash with the look and feel of your course? CpExtra lets you change the color and transparency of that very highlight.

The Extra Mile

Constantly Updated

CpExtra has been built from the ground up to support an unlimited amount of features. It is in constant development, with new versions coming out every couple of months, each time expanding the boundaries of what Captivate can do. Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll always be the first to know of a new version.

Video Training

Overwhelmed with CpExtra’s feature set? Don’t know where to begin? Our video courses give you step-by-step instructions on how to use CpExtra, using practical every day examples.